Patna to host 66th Senior Nationals Women’s Kabaddi between 11-14th July

66th Senior Nationals for Women’s is finally here. It is returning to Patna between 11th – 14th July 2019 after just 2 years. The tournament was expected to be conducted in Kurnool, sometime during March – but after repeated announcements to postpone, it is finally happening next month.

Indian Railways and Haryana has historically been a strong team; however they were dethroned by Himachal Pradesh as defending champions last year.

History of Women’s Senior Nationals Kabaddi (Winners)

65th Nationals, Hyderabad – Himachal Pradesh

64th Nationals, Patna – Indian Railways

63rd Nationals, Bangalore – Indian Railways

62nd Nationals, Tirunchencode – Indian Railways

61st Nationals, Patna – Indian Railways

60th Nationals, Mandya – Indian Railways